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*Sell & Rent Back (SRB) is a service that is regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) and anyone offering SRB services must be authorised to do so by the FSA. If you are looking to use Sell & Rent Back as a way to deal with financial problems you should use a regulated company. *

Sell and Rent Back

Sell Your Property And Rent It Back

QSP® do not currently offer a Sell & Rent Back service . All information relating to SRB on this site is for information only and we suggest you contact an authorised SRB provider.

We know life can be tough at times and at times when it seems no help is around, the whole world can feel upside down. When you are in financial struggle, everything just seems impossible. You might be in mortgage arrears, a debt situation spiralling out of control, credit card loans building up or personal loan that is mounting by the day. Whatever the problem is we understand this can lead to you losing your home through repossession of your property.

If you are already in arrears in payment, an estate agent may take too long to deal with your property (typically it can take from start to finish 6 months to sell your property through an estate agent and by that time your house will be repossessed already and during those months your debt would have increased substantially adding to your overall debt).

This options offers people the opportunity to stay in their home and at the same time sort out the finance and moving to a different location can be daunting for a lot of people when they know their current location and area as well as the people so well. No one needs to know you sold your property if you don't want anyone to know. There will be no ugly For Sale signs attracting nosy neighbours looking in and out of your property. There will be no stressful viewings of your home day in day out. There will be no Estate Agent fees or any marketing/advertising fees. You will avoid all that and save yourself time, stress and headaches.

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