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Testimonials from Satisfied QSP® Clients

QSP® has helped many satisfied customers, here are just a few of our customers that express their testimonial of the service received. Unlike other less reputable companies, we at QSP take credibility and honesty very seriously and only publish genuine testimonials. All testimonial originals are available for viewing on request by contacting QSP®.

I write to thank QSP® for the outstanding service provided to me. I was in a hurry to sell as I had viewed a house that I wished to purchase.
I had a brief chat with the area representative of QSP over the phone and then met up with him to enable him to view my property. Within 2 hours of this meeting a formal offer reached my solicitors office in writing as promised.
QSP® was quick, professional & courteous - very impressive! I am now in a position to move forward to my new house.

Mrs Hectorina McCulloch, Scotland, United Kingdom.

I received a flyer through my door from Quick Sale Properties, was a bit dubious at first, but gave them a call. Then I was visited shortly by the area representative, a very pleasant & helpful person. He answered all my questions, gave me all the information and recommended a good solicitor. Quick Sale Properties even took care of my excess furniture as I was moving in with my mum. I felt Quick Sale Properties really went out of their way and offered a service beyond what others would have done. The whole procedure was so easy and stress free. I would recommend Quick Sale Properties to any of my friends and family.

Miss Joy Faulkner, Scotland, United Kingdom.

I found this business and indeed, whole process very professional and the service was second to none. Within 24 hours of the representative viewing the property, there was an offer in writing and the transaction process was very efficient and the speed of Quick Sale Properties service was excellent. I would recommend this Quick Sale Properties service to anyone without any hesitation. I would certainly use this Quick Sale Properties again.

Mr Mark Dickie, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Selling a house is a very stressful time in your life. Dealing with Quick Sale Properties made everything stress free & easy. I did not have the hassle of advertising or having people in and out viewing. Quick Sale Properties did everything, even finding a solicitor to do all the legal work on my behalf. I was kept informed every step of the way and everything was completed in about 8 weeks. Everything was dealt with professionally and honestly with no hidden extra costs. I would strongly recommend anyone selling their property to use Quick Sale Properties. Thank you for making it all so easy!

Miss Andrea Blackwood, Scotland, United Kingdom.

This is a quick note to express my satisfaction in relation to your purchase of my property. From our initial meeting at my flat you expressed your interest in buying and I explained why I was selling. The process took about an hour maximum quickly leading to us agreeing on a price for the property. Your speed of business was excellent!
The next day my solicitor had received the offer from your solicitor outlining all we agreed on. The same day between us and our solicitor a date of entry was named and with both of us happy our solicitor delivered our instructions promptly. The whole process took less than 4 weeks from beginning to completion.
As I discussed with you I was looking to move north in a matter of weeks, without your service it would mean the uncertainty of my flat in the market for months then even if I get an offer, the conveyancing would take a few more months. Thank god you came along and made my plans possible. Thank you QSP.

Mr William Ennis, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Having had dealings with buying property and selling property in the past, it was a pleasure to sell my property to QSP in this way. Your service was fast and professional in buying my property. It provided me with a smooth and stress-free way forward. I would definitely recommend QSP to anyone!

Ms Sharon Stevenson, Scotland, United Kingdom.

I was having a lot of problems with my property with having no factor and maintenance not being carried out, the building quickly deteriorated and was no longer mortgagable. My finances was stretching and putting me under a lot of stress.
Then I saw an advert for Quick Sale Properties. I contacted them and we met up soon after. The area representative of Quick Sale Properties was very understanding and paid full attention to my particular situation. We discussed options available and quickly came up with an agreed price so I could pay off all my mortgage & debts. From the day we agreed a price it took less than a month to complete the sale.
I am now free to get on with my life, thanks to Quick Sale Properties. Definitely a service worth enquiring about! I would not hesitate to recommend Quick Sale Properties to anyone I Know.

Mr Joe McDonald, Scotland, United Kingdom.

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