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Dealing with financial problems caused by bereavement

We understand dealing with bereavement is though and takes a lot of courage to go through with. If you have lost a close relation or someone special and have the headache of dealing with the property, we can offer assistance.

At a time of bereavement naturally you will not feel at your best to handle all aspects of life at your best and when a time you need to give support and attention to other members of family and friends, we understand it can help to lift a burden off your shoulders if other areas are taken care of.

QSP® is here to help!

We can offer assistance and advise you on your options. We understand you might want more time to handle other areas that is why we can offer to give you a quick sale of the property in concern enabling you to raise as much funds as possible at the same time giving you peace of mind. Everything will be explained in detail and updated regularly with the whole process of selling the property with sensitivity in mind at all times as our area director is well trained to be sympathetic to the situation. We will give you all the attention required and be friendly and helpful throughout to assist you through such difficult time.

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Financial Difficulties

We get lots people who are having difficulties with their finances. It can be credit card debts building up or mortgage arrears getting out of control even personal loan debt reaching an unmanageable amount. Whatever your financial situation, we are here to find the best way forward for you.

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I was sceptical at first to make contact, but once I'd contacted QSP the rest was just so easy. My only regret was i did not get in touch sooner

J. Ross - Glasgow North


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