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Save 1000's on Property Tax in the UK

Principal Private Residence Property.

You can save tens of thousands on inheritance tax on your property if you sell your property while you're still alive and enjoying life to the full. Providing you the property in concern is your Principal Private Residence meaning you stay there permanently or it is your residential home and it belongs to you. Investments and buy-to-lets are not applicable.

The 2008 - 2009 United Kingdom inheritance tax figure stands at 40% meaning that for every 100,000.00, 40,000.00 goes to the government if you die leaving only 60% for your offspring or next of kin after the nil rate taken off. So if 200,000.00 of your asset is taxable you will be giving away without any option 80,000.00 in cash to the government.

The way to avoid paying any of that is to sell while you are still alive and can enjoy life in one way or another. If you sell during your lifetime and it is your home that you stay in you pay zero (0) tax.

QSP® Quick Sale Properties can offer you a lump sum. With the example above of the 200,000.00 taxable amount, the 80,000.00 saving you made on tax you can choose to do whatever you like with it including, if that is what your intentions are, giving it to your offspring or next of kin where they can receive all of it instead of merely over half. We are sure you would rather leave your life long hard earned cash to the person or people you love in full rather than being faced with compulsory taxation of you after you have died.

QSP® Quick Sale Properties is ready to help you if you would like to discuss this subject or if you have any questions regarding this subject. Call us on 0141 387 0556 or you can contact us on our enquiry page or email us at where we will reply to you swiftly.

All our representatives are knowledgeable with the above information and will be keen to assist you whenever you are ready to chat. All contacts are treated with the strictest privacy and with full confidentiality promised. We hope the information is of use to you and look forward to hearing from you. Remember all inquiry and information is free and you are not obliged to go ahead with anything if you are not 100% satisfied.

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