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Breaking the Selling Chain

A property housing chain is formed when several home owners are selling and one property owner is depending on another to buy his/her property in order to be able to purchase the next one. A chain has no limit but only takes more than two sellers to form. If a property chain has 3 sellers involved it only takes one seller to not be able to complete in order for the whole chain to break up.

No house buyer or seller likes a housing chain when the time comes to sell or buy a property as it does not give you any certainties at all and often can put you through sleepless nights as a result.

Every year hundreds or thousands of purchases or sales of properties do not successfully complete because of broken housing chains. This means a lot of disappointment and broken plans which otherwise could have been saved if we were there to assist.

QSP is here to help you out of a housing chain!

We can help you out of a housing chain by purchasing your property off you directly and as we are not part of any chain there is no property chain to break up!

You can sell to us directly which will give you all the certainty that you can source and buy your next property without the worries that your property won't be sold on time to make it happen.

We can place an offer in place within 24 hours giving you a binding contract from your contact and what is better is that that we are very flexible with time too. This means we fit around your timetable for your purchase and move to suit your diary not ours. We will do all we can to make it happen for you smoothly and our area director is friendly and understanding at all times.

Why not give us a call on our 0141 387 0556 or simply go on our online inquiry form. It is easy and simple and will provide you with rock solid certainty.

Ready to sell? Just contact us.

Financial Difficulties

We get lots people who are having difficulties with their finances. It can be credit card debts building up or mortgage arrears getting out of control even personal loan debt reaching an unmanageable amount. Whatever your financial situation, we are here to find the best way forward for you.

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I was sceptical at first to make contact, but once I'd contacted QSP the rest was just so easy. My only regret was i did not get in touch sooner

J. Ross - Glasgow North


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