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Your Contact With Us

When we are contacted by you, a scottish based operator will answer your call and if our lines are busy dealing with other inquiries, your message will be answered by a return call within 24 hours from point of contact. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you.

Our focus is on you and at all times we will be polite, professional and understanding throughout. We will show respect to you and be sympathetic to your unique circumstance. All of your information will receive 100% confidentiality and sensitivity.

The same day you contact us if there is any information relevant to your case we can send out to you we will on first class post. If we feel our services are not for you we will inform you of that with no delay.

We will try utmost to assist you in anyway we can through our knowledge.

Our Contact With You

We will be courteous, professional and sensitive to your personal situation.

We will listen to your needs in order to come up with a tailored made solution to you.

We will contact you at our earliest opportunity through telephone or any alternative method instructed by you.

Our Pledge

Your area senior manager will contact you within 24 hours of your initial contact received.

We will assess your property and inform you of the value of the amount we can offer to you.

We can guarantee an offer for your property.

A transparent and clear explanation of how we calculated this offer will be explained to you.

Our offer will be in writing too if requested and is active for a period of one full month.

We will pay for your legal conveyancing cost if you use our service(s).

There are no charges for our services.

We have a zero tolerance to harassment. If you inform us you wish us not to be in touch again, no further contact will be made.
We will complete on date we agreed on the legal offer.

If we do not complete on day of agreement we will compensate you for any losses incurred as a result unless matters risen out of our control or is not at our fault.

Personal One-to-One Care

If you use our service and we are proceeding with the purchase of your property we will keep you informed throughout the process regularly.

You will received a high level of one to one care and attention to all your concerns or questions at all times.

We will give you customer care of the highest level in our industry in the UK.

Ready to sell? Just contact us.

Financial Difficulties

We get lots people who are having difficulties with their finances. It can be credit card debts building up or mortgage arrears getting out of control even personal loan debt reaching an unmanageable amount. Whatever your financial situation, we are here to find the best way forward for you.

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I was sceptical at first to make contact, but once I'd contacted QSP the rest was just so easy. My only regret was i did not get in touch sooner

J. Ross - Glasgow North

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