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Tips For Selling Quickly

Whatever your situation is, by following the principles set out below you will enhance your chance of selling your property fast. Quick Sale Properties has years of experience with buying & selling of properties in the United Kingdom and from our experience we are happy to provide the following tips for for your use:

Get people through the door:

We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping the external view welcoming and appealing to potential buyers. If the outside of your property attracts the eye and creates interest that is half the battle already. Overgrown hedges and rusted fence with tired looking front garden will all put people off. Whereas a well maintained and welcoming view will trigger and good impression immediately and get people through the door. If you can't even get them through the door all the efforts internally of the property can be totally wasted.

Keep a flow in the property & finish off the odd DIY jobs:

Tip 1 applies for the entire house too. If you keep the entire property well maintained by finishing off odd DIY jobs it gives a good flow people will appreciate the property is ready to move in rather than having the headache of finishing off a dozen DIY jobs.

Provide a clutter-free environment:

The property should be clutter-free throughout. Get rid off all excess materials lying about and give away any clutter that you are not going to ever use again. If you really need to hold on to items store it away at a relatives or in a storage company when you are trying to sell a property as a cluttered property create the illusion of chaos and lack of space which will not help in selling a property quick.

Neutral colour scheme:

Keep the colour scheme throughout the property neutral and bright. Create a consistent flow throughout the property. Magnolia of light pastel colours are great to sell a property as it has been proven by major national developers to sell. Do not have bold red or orange walls as they might be your favourite colours but it is too bold and might offend many people's eyes.

Do not get personal:

When you are trying to achieve a quick property sale, do not get personal with the décor and presentation of the property. Wall hung tiger & dear heads might be appealing to you but it will frighten off buyers and give off wrong vibes to buyers. So keep everything simple and light. Candles, flowers and plants are better presentation items than swords, wall hung animal heads and large collection of a particular theme. Remember you are trying to sell the property quick and move on so don't make a self statement in the property. You will not be there.

Keep the property clean & tidy:

A clean and tidy property will immediately appeal to people looking and a dirty property will put even the most keen buyers off. So keep it clean and tidy at all times.

Get rid of any offensive odours:

If you have pets try not to have them in the property when someone is coming to see your property as pets normally smells and usually the owner do not smell it as they are so use to the odour. For a fresh noise, it might just costed you the sale of your property.

Property staging:

Property staging is common nowadays when someone basically dress the property up with the appropriate furniture and covers etc to sell it. There are 'Staging' companies out there that would rent the furniture for the marketing period for a fee. You don't have to go as far as hiring a staging company, but by being creative in presenting your property is usually enough in oppose to trying to sell a vacant property which feels empty and cold.

Give each room its purpose:

When selling it is important to make sure each room is presented at its best and shows its usage. For example double bedroom is best presented with a double bed and a wardrobe to complement it rather than being used as a dumping room or for your snake collection hobby. The lounge is best shown with a nice cosy sofa and tv and not a pool table with lots of clutter.

Kitchen & bathroom:

There is no doubt a nice kitchen or bathroom sells a property. So if you can afford to fit a new bathroom or kitchen it will pay you back in twofold but if money is tight even the simplest things can push the sale forward. By changing a shower curtain that has been moulded up and by cleaning the grout of moulded up areas gives the room a lift. And for the kitchen make sure the oven, hob and hood are grease free and clean.

Showhome layout:

Try to create the sense of coherence and consistency throughout the property and always try to achieve a showhome presentation each time someone is coming to see your property. If the big boys are doing this they can't be all wrong!

Shop around for a good estate agent and if possible use more than one:

By shopping around you'll find most estate agents will negotiate their percentage for selling and at times the lowest fee does not necessarily constitute the best agent. If you can, try listing with several agents as this can give your property more exposure. Most agents will insist on signing a contract which normally ties you down with them though and the disadvantage is you are tied down for months.

As a good alternative, QSP is here to help anytime:

Remember the above is only for you if you can be bothered going through the entire process and wait for your luck on the market but if you just want a quick, stress free and easy straight forward sale of your property, we are here to make it happen. We can offer your cash for your property regardless of it's condition, location or property type. Feel free to call us on 0141 387 0556 if you want to sell direct to us.

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