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Some Helpful Questions And Answers

No doubt you will have a host of questions you would like answers to. Quick Sale Properties (QSP) is aware of this and are happy to provide some most commonly asked questions home owners have when facing a repossession situation. If you do not find answers to your question below feel free to contact us on our 0141 387 0556, it is available to you 24 hours a day or alternatively leave an online enquiry and we will be in touch very soon.

Q: Can I get help from QSP® whatever stage I'm in with the repossession or eviction process?

A: Yes. We can offer help whatever stage you're at in the repossession or eviction process. Even on the day of the actual eviction but the sooner we get involved the better the chances of helping you stay in your home.

Q: Am I obliged to anything?

A: No. You are not obliged to anything at any time if you are not entirely satisfied.

Q: How long does it take for the initial problem to start between me and my mortgage lender?

A: Mortgage lenders will contact you as soon as you miss one mortgage payment. It only takes two months of mortgage arrears to kick start the whole process.

Q: Who can I go to for help?

A: We are here to help and we are only a call away, our contact number is 0141 387 0556. You can also try the Citizens Advice Bureau for advice.

Q: What if I can not attend a court hearing?

A: It is your home at risk, so you should do all you can to attend the hearing. If after all you can not make it contact the County Court and ask for an alternative date if possible. Otherwise you put things in writing clearly documenting your intention.

Q: Do I need a legal representative during a County Court appearance?

A: You can but it is not essential and you are not necessarily better off with one. If you are a couple, only one person needs to attend with or without a solicitor. Fees are normally high for the service and are charged at an hourly rate plus VAT. Fees differ from firm to firm so if you feel you want to attend with one you are better to enquire about service and fees with a couple of firms at least.

Q: Can I work out of this situation with the County Court?

A: Yes, the County Court will be there to listen to your proposal as well as the lender's.

Q: What can I do to stop the order of possession to evict or repossess my home?

A: QSP is here to help. We can buy your property quick and stop any repossession or eviction from going ahead. You can also work out some financial repayment agreement with the court which will suspend the order.

Q: Is there a fee for asking for QSP® help?

A: No, we offer a 100% free and confidential service with no obligation.

Q: How does QSP® stop repossession?

A: We can give you a quick property sale and work out a solution for you.

Q: Is there an easy way out?

A: No. Every year in the UK tens of thousands of people have their property repossessed when a lot could have been done to prevent it. You must take action to resolve the matter as it will not go away by itself.

Q: What are my options?

A: You can seek advice from the Citizen Advice Bureau or contact us where we'll find a way forward for you.

Q: What if I do nothing?

A: You will be evicted and your home will be repossessed, sold under market value and that is not the end. You will be liable for all the cost for the time it takes to sell you property for example all your utilities (gas, electricity and Council Tax), all administration costs of the lender, all legal costs and the estate agent or auctioneer's cost for disposing of your home. Your credit rating/history will be negatively affected and recorded for many years to come. This will affect every situation involving credit facility including applying for credit cards, store cards, bank accounts and any future mortgage application which is very inconvenient and restricting for your future.

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