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QSP® no longer offers an Equity Release Sell & Rent Back service but we can offer some information and put you in touch with other companies offering this service.

Equity Release - Release Cash Locked in Your Property

Most of us work hard all our lives to pay off our mortgage and finds out by the time we have paid off our mortgage which ever part of the world we stay in, we are much older and not as mobile & capable of working in the capacity we did when we where younger at the time of taking out the mortgage. The majority of us by then are in our fifties or sixties, considering the average mortgage is between 20 to 30 years term, and are on small pension barely enough to keep ends meet.

Then the scenario is we have our property which is paid off with thousands locked in but not much else. If you sell through an estate agent you will need to move and some where else to stay. If you don't sell you are in a position with an asset but can not realistically benefit from its financial reward.

The other significant benefit for you as an owner occupier is if you sell and the property is your principal private residence property you can be saving substantial amount of tax. This is because you pay zero tax for your property that is your own Principal private residence. However if you do not sell and decide to leave it to your children or next of kin, there are the potential of a heavy inheritance tax imposed on the property. This is currently at a level of 40% of the value of your property. This is potentially 40,000 of tax for every 100,000. By selling while you are still living and enjoying life you can either enjoy the money or if you intend to pass it on to your children or next of kin, they effectively gain far more than the 60% left over after the 40% tax imposed by our current inheritance taxation.

QSP® Quick Sale Properties understand each one of us is unique and our situations are not exactly the same. So whatever the reason is behind your desire to sell in order to release lump sum of cash we can help. We are here to listen and assist you the best we can. We can discuss your particular situation in depth with you and come up with suggestions and as many options as possible.

You can contact us on 0141 387 0556 or you can use our enquiry form or email us on Whatever way you choose to get in touch we will be ready to hear from you and to be able to help in any way possible. All our representatives are knowledgeable in this area and will be able to offer you the highest level of information. And don't forget all calls are free and you are under no obligation to do anything at all. We offer free information on all our services.

Interested in releasing equity in your property? Just contact us.

Financial Difficulties

We get lots people who are having difficulties with their finances. It can be credit card debts building up or mortgage arrears getting out of control even personal loan debt reaching an unmanageable amount. Whatever your financial situation, we are here to find the best way forward for you.

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I was sceptical at first to make contact, but once I'd contacted QSP the rest was just so easy. My only regret was i did not get in touch sooner

J. Ross - Glasgow North

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