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The Simple Process

The process of selling to us is simple. We will explain here how it all works for you. Whatever your reason for selling your property in whatever timescale that suits you here are the steps that apply to most:

1st Finding the right option: First of all have a good look at some of the links showing different options that might reflect your situation and will be most appropriate to you. If nothing seem to fit in well, do not worry as there are so many solutions we have available we can't list them all.

2nd Contact us: Get in touch by the freephone number 0800 298 5606 or on local number 0141 427 2038. If our operator is busy leave your number and name and we will return your call.
You can also leave your details in the enquiry form and send it to us.
You can also email us on Whatever way you prefer.

3rd We contact you: We then contact you for an informal chat over your situation and gather some relevant details. We then make our necessary research on your property and quickly come up with the best price and solution for you.

4th Mutual agreement: Having dealt with the above we then arrange an informal meeting with you to see the property during this process we can discuss the options we came up with together to make sure we understand every aspect of it and are satisfied with what is on offer.

5th Sale completion: Finally once we've agreed on all the details we will take care of all the paperwork. We have placed offers in as quick as 24 hours if the home seller wishes. This is all flexible and we will work according to your situation. We can take care of all the conveyancing side of things but if you prefer to appoint your own solicitor you are welcome too.

Here is a quick comparison of the process of selling to us or a typical high street Estate Agent:

Our Simple Process Estate Agents Process
1. Contact us on Freephone 0800 298 5606 Find a reputable Estate Agent
2. Arrange a chat to discuss your options and your property. Sign up to a formal contract agreeing to their fees.
3. Come to a mutual agreement Arrange numerous viewings of your property.
4. Complete your sale!! Wait for a Buyer to place an offer
5. Consider their offer
6. Accept their offer
7. Await for them to have a survey done (typically at this stage, buyers lower their offer from the survey)
8. Wait for their mortgage deal to complete knowing that at this stage the deal could still fall through costing you more money.
9. Wait for any chain to complete their sales.
10. Complete your sale (typically takes 6 months from start to finish)

Ready to sell? Just contact us.

Selling to us:

You contact us, we have an informal talk about your circumstances, discuss the best option(s) for you, we agree a course of action and the rest is handled by us. Sale completed!

Selling through An Estate Agent:

You sign up a formal contract committing fees immediately, you have to deal with viewings day in day out, wait an unspecified time, average 6 months for a sale from beginning to the end. Consider any offers, wait anxiously for a survey to be carried out (a lot of buyers lower the original offer price), now you have to wait for months before the whole deal is completed (a lot of purchase at this stage is pulled out due to many reasons e.g. mortgage not approved), pay the Estate Agent Fees, usually over £1000 plus you pay your bank/solicitor fees & Outlays.

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